ANT FARM Media Van v.08 [Time Capsule]






Project: ANT FARM Media Van v.08 [Time Capsule]
Date: 2008
Credit: Chip Lord, Curtis Schreier, & Bruce Tomb

The Media Van was first realized in 1970 and was instrumental in producing and presenting video content for the Truckstop Network Tour, 1971. Members of the collective, Ant Farm, drove across the country creating a loose knit utopian community using the new media of the time: black and white video. The Tour is now thought to prefigure web-based communities such as social-networking sites and video sharing sites. The van disappeared in 1972, and was considered lost until its rediscovery in 2008 at a NIKE Missile Site.

The rediscovery of the van, at the former secret military site renews speculation among supporters, researchers and curators that the van may have been confiscated by the Federal Government, at a point in time when media, in the wrong hands, was thought to have a destabilizing affect on popular culture with potentially dangerous implications.

As a part of the Media Van’s reconception, a media HUQQUH (pronounced “hookah”) has been added. This is a digital time capsule for the year 2030; capable of storing images and music randomly taken from the public through the process of “giving a toke” or plugging in a personal digital device such as a camera, MP3 player, or iPhone.

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